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Moving is a tedious task. At Olympia Removals Leicester, we are devoted to making the entire relocating process effortless for you. 

We are a removal company in Leicester, offering both house removals and commercial relocation services in the city. We move your belongings swiftly in our modern, specialised vehicles that are alarmed for extra security and your peace of mind. 

Our team comprises of only professional movers in Leicester who understand that packing is not a purposeless job. Instead, packing and moving goods comes down to a science, one that demands attention to details, and proper planning and organisation. 

Whether you intend to move your office or change your house, our removal company is only a call away. We help move from anywhere within Leicester, from the city to its surrounding areas, or even from Leicester to another country. 

We provide a fixed price quote when you discuss your moving requirements with us. This way, you get an accurate idea of the costs involved. 

As for the services, here’s a brief look at how we can help you:

A 5-Star Rated House Removals Service in Leicester

Number one on our catalogue of domestic removal services is making the move of your houses a smooth sailing journey for you. 

On average, homeowners spend about 23 years in one house before they decide to move into another one according to a recent study. This is a long time. And we end up making several memories in such a long time. Not to forget, a lot of your belongings accumulate, making packing all the more challenging. 

With years of house removals experience in Leicester, our professional movers know how to pack and move entire homes, no matter what their size or how long you have lived in one place. 

Commercial Relocation Services

It is possible your business’s current location is not profitable for its growth. Or, your office is simply getting very old and you are planning to refresh things. Whatever the reason behind moving your business, our office movers in Leicester have got your six.

We are experienced in handling confidential documents, packing office furniture, and moving electronics of all sizes ranging from laptops to projectors. You name it, we do it.

Two reasons make our office removals company in Leicester a good choice for your business – our expertise, and experience. Our professionalism and experience enable us to handle your move carefully and transport your belongings undamaged. 

Affordable removals and storage services in Leicester

You may only need to keep some or all of your belongings in a storage facility. You may need help with storing your stuff for a couple of days or for a few months. Either way, our storage solutions in Leicester are built to hold your home or office belongings safely. 

We guarantee all items you keep in our facility will be safe. At Olympia Removals and Storage, we provide storage units of various sizes and for as long as you need them. 

You only need to pick the unit size you require and tell us for how long you need us to look after your belongings. Leave the rest of the job to us. 

International Removals Company

In addition to domestic removals, our moving company in Leicester assists you in international moves as well. We facilitate the entire international move from end to end including the responsibility of moving your goods from Leicester to another country. 

Again, international moves are for residential as well as commercial customers. Our professional movers are skilled at aptly packing your belongings for long-distance transportation. In this way, your stuff is out of harm’s way, which minimises damage. Plus, we move your belongings in specialised and secure transportation.

Leicester Area Guide

Leicester removals company

Leicester removals company

Leicester is a city of rich history and pleasant weather with the hottest temperature recorded at 36.7 °C, making the place a great city to live in. 

Our love for eating broad beans gets us the nickname of bean-bellies. And, as a bean-belly, you’d be proud to know that your city is:

It is because of these courses offered by the University of Leicester that the city is the perfect place for the National Space Center. On a lighter note, The Beatles have performed thrice here. 

A lot of people also believe that Leicester boasts the highest number of traffic lights as compared with other cities in the country. 

Historically speaking, Leicester is the birthplace of Philippa of Lancaster, the Founder of Portugal. The city is also home to Britain’s most diverse shopping street, Narborough Road. The road has 222 shop units owned by people from 22 different countries in the world. 

Not to forget, the largest cheese fair in Britain is hosted in north east, Leicestershire.

Our Recent Client’s Wonderful Experience Moving With Us

We have recently helped a client move from a large, 3-storey house to a 5-bedroom house. Most of all, our client was concerned about his piano. Our professional movers, however, tackled the task skillfully. 

We covered our client’s upright piano carefully, starting with putting the lid on the keyboard. Since the piano did not have a lock to its lid, we secured the lid with masking tape, which does not stain. 

Our movers also covered the pedals and all lacquered surfaces with moving blankets, taping the blankets to make sure everything was well in place.

Four of our movers then hoisted the piano onto a dolly with each professional at one corner of the instrument. Two movers took the back end of the sensitive instrument, another mover was at the back side, and the last one was at the lead end.

We also took careful measures as we rolled the piano up the ramp and into our moving truck. Our movers positioned the piano against one of the vehicle’s walls and fastened the instrument lengthwise to the rails using moving straps. These straps were tight enough to prevent the piano from shifting even an inch.

In the end, our client’s piano among his other belongings reached his new home safely and damage-free, a win-win for all of us.

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At Olympia Removals Leicester, we take every care to make your move smooth and happy.

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