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Olympia Removals Birmingham is a removals and storage company in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK. A team of highly trained movers is dedicated to ensuring relocating is swift and stress-free for you. Our removal company stands for nothing but three fundamentals – professionalism, skilfulness, and commitment.

Our well-trained movers are cooperative down to the bone so you don’t feel like moving is an anxiety-ridden process. You’ll find movers from Olympia Removals Birmingham with you every step of the way. We are familiar with the Birmingham city’s layout like the back of our hands. In other words, we can smoothly navigate your move by taking the best and easiest route possible.

Not only do we transport your belongings from your house or office, but we also declutter and deliver them scratch-free. This means you wouldn’t find yourself sitting in a pile of goods, debating over what to take and what to leave behind. Olympia Removals Birmingham handles it all. Moreover, we offer storage services for safekeeping your stuff for as long as you need. Here’s an in-depth look at how we can help you:

The Complete House Removals Service in Birmingham

Home moving is a stressful affair. You need to decide what goes to the new place and what sees the trash as well as worry about packing all goods including fragile ones like your vases and bulky ones like the snooker table. Not to forget, booking a removal company. Olympia Removals Birmingham takes on all the work so you are only left with the emotional burden of saying goodbye to your house. We separate well-conditioned items from those that are best suited to the trash or recycle bin. Besides decluttering, we pack each of your belongings as per its fragility. And then transport your stuff in top condition in our modern fleet of removing vehicles.

Office Moving Company

Offices are hubs to confidential documents, sensitive electronics, furniture and loads of stationery. No wonder, moving the entire place is a source of extreme worry. Handing this responsibility over to an experienced and committed office moving company can erase your worries. Our movers pack each item carefully so it reaches your new location damage-free. We use supreme quality packing material that safeguards your belongings. On top of that, our skilled team wraps everything according to its fragility requirements. As a result, all your goods including the fragile and durable ones reach you in tip top condition.

Secure and affordable Storage Services

Moving from your present location but planning a transitory stay at your friend’s or family? Or is there a delay in plan but all your belongings are packed and you’re unsure where to keep them? Irrespective of the reason, Olympia Removals Birmingham offers you secure storage services. We offer storage units in various sizes so you can pick one according the space you need. Our storage solutions in Birmingham are CCTV-monitored so all your goods are kept safe and sound. What’s more, storage units are climate-controlled, which means no matter how cold or hot it is outside, your stuff will stay unaffected by the weather.

Moving Overseas? Our Birmingham removals experts will take care of your goods

Last but not the least, our Birmingham removals company offers international relocation service. While you may try and manage packing your stuff and moving within Birmingham or to its surrounding areas, you surely need a professional hand for relocating internationally. Olympia Removals Birmingham is committed to meeting this need too. We help you move from Birmingham to anywhere in the world. Our international moving process is secure and careful so all your stuff reaches your new destination in the same condition as it was in the UK. Our goal is simple – to ease the burden of moving internationally by taking care of the entire process of packaging, storage, transportation, and the delivery of your belongings to your new doorstep. We facilitate both house and office moves.

Birmingham Area Guide

House Removal in Birmingham

House Removal in Birmingham

Birmingham goes by several names. One, it is labeled as the youngest city in Europe as 40% of the Brummies are aged below 25 years. Two, its history gives it another proud name of the “City of a Thousand Trades” as the place has been the hub of manufacturing since the 18th century. 

Its history also presents the city as the homeland of chocolate because Cadbury’s first production started here. Consequently, most identify Birmingham as the inspiration for Roald Dahl’s novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because of its role as Cadbury’s first production spot. 

Today, it is known for its cafes and bars. And for its quality of life that has got the city ranked among 231 countries known for their living standards. 

But that’s not all. 

Birmingham is home to miles of canal waterways. In fact, you would be surprised to know that the network of canals in Birmingham far outnumber Venice’s canals. Birmingham also outnumbers the number of parks in Paris, making it a city with more public spaces than another equally-sized city in Europe. 

Moreover, the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery showcases the largest collection of pre-Raphaelite art in the world. Its ceramics and metalwork collections are also among Europe’s very best.

A Case Study: Moving House Within Birmingham

We’ve recently helped a single parent move within Birmingham from her old house to a new flat in Birmingham. Relocating, in this case, meant downsizing our client’s belongings so she could move from an old house to a new, two-bedroom flat. 

Our expert movers took on the job without any second thoughts. They got to work by sifting through her belongings, which they then categorised into to-keep, to-recycle, and to-discard. Within a day, our client had her stuff divided and packed, which helped her understand which of her belongings were fit to be taken to her new place. 

We also tagged some items as good for selling. For instance, some vintage showpieces had the potential to be sold in good money. Our client just wanted to throw them away, but when we told her she could make some quick quids, she was delighted. 

Since most of our client’s stuff was antique, she was worried. But our movers eased her worries by wrapping each item carefully. In particular, we covered fragile items with furniguard wrap and secured it with packing tape. Once we put all these items into cartons, we filled all spaces with crumpled up paper for greater safety. 

At the end of the day, we left our client with a satisfied smile and got ourselves the badge of a valued customer. 

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