Modern slavery statement

Olympia Removals & Storage is a privately owned, the UK’s domestic and commercial moving company. As a respected, professional and ethical removals company, we strictly adhere to the terms and conditions underlined in section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

For the purposes of this statement, Modern Slavery is defined as including the following: slavery, forced or coerced labour, as well as human trafficking and child labour.

Our supply chain and policy

At Olympia Removals & Storage, we take pride in the fact that we provide careful recruitment and selection processes of our staff, as well as those in the wider supply chain.

As a domestic and commercial removals business that operates throughout the entire UK, it is our mission to ensure that every subcontractor or partner that we work with not only delivers quality services but that it operates legally, professionally and ethically. We would never wittingly choose to work with any supplier who does not uphold the stringent terms and conditions relevant to the Modern Slavery Act.


We expect every single one of our members of staff and suppliers to comply with the regulations set out in the Modern Slavery Act. It is a policy of our training to ensure that these conditions are adhered to and that best working practices are in place at every step of the removals process.

As well as educating those within our supply chain on the importance of shunning practices that disregard the Modern Slavery Act, we also have systems in place to reduce the likelihood of illegal practices from occurring.

We frequently monitor every partner we work with in our supply chain, to ensure full compliance with the Modern Slavery Act. We also assess any potential risk areas, keeping a close eye on any aspects of the supply chain that may pose a higher risk than others.

If it comes to our attention that anyone we associate with in our supply chain breaks the stipulations of the Modern Slavery Act, then we will terminate our partnership with them with immediate effect.

It is also our policy to offer complete protection and confidentiality to any whistleblowers.


By taking a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery practices, the Olympia Removals & Storage wholeheartedly approve and endorse this policy statement. We accept that any future changes to the Modern Slavery Act will be adhered to and communicated across all aspects of our supply chain.

Please contact us if you require any further information regarding this issue.