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Olympia Removals is a professional Oxford removals firm that is geared up to meet the needs of householders and commercial operators throughout the city and beyond. Whether you are seeking movers in Oxford who can help you to relocate from one address to another, plan to relocate outside of the city or are arranging a move to the area, we can help. As one of the premier Oxford moving companies operating today, you can expect an efficiently run and high-quality service at every stage of the process.

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive range of Oxford removals services to suit all kinds of relocations. Whether you have bedsit, share your accommodation with others, have a large family home or are seeking a local removals company in Oxford with experience in commercial moves, we are here to help. Olympia Removals is a well-organised firm that has plenty of expertise in moving and handling all sorts of items. We can handle one of a kind possessions, such as musical instruments and works of art, as well as bulky ones, like bedroom furniture and sofas.

We aim to make your move go well and to take the hassle out of relocating in Oxford. After all, it is often said that moving can be among the most stressful things you can do in life. Why not choose a professional moving company that will make your relocation as straightforward and as hassle-free as possible?

House Removals in Oxford

At Olympia Removals, we take an approach to house removals in Oxford that puts you in charge. We will work hard to ensure is that any understandable anxieties you might have with your relocation are minimised. This is the case whether you moving to Cowley, in the east of the city, Osney, in the west, or right in the heart of the city close to the Cherwell River. We achieve this by offering everyone who is moving home in Oxford efficient service that is conducted swiftly but also with plenty of care. Our attention to detail means we won’t just take good care of your belongings but also ensure that they are unloaded into your new home so that you can start to make use of the things you need without any unnecessary delays. As experienced movers in Oxford, your individual circumstances will be met in full while also considering any environmental aspects of the move.

Moving house is often a demanding life event under any circumstances. When you are relocating to or within a busy city like Oxford, often with narrow streets to contend with, it can be even tougher. That’s why turning to one of the most experienced Oxford moving companies around can be such as smart decision to make. There are very few things we won’t have encountered during a house removal in Oxford before, so you can benefit from our expertise if anything unexpected or unplanned for were to crop up. What’s more, we work with a smile and have a sense of pride in what we do.

This starts from the outset when we will provide an estimate for the cost and time involved with your job, not something that you can say of all Oxford moving companies. As one of the most trusted local moving companies in Oxford, we aim to be fair dealing, rapid and safe but also to be friendly and approachable at all times. This is a good thing to know on the day of your move, especially. Please note that Olympia Removals provides a meticulous packing service to look after all items, particularly rare and delicate possessions, such as mirrors, ceramics and antiques. After all, such belongings can often benefit from a little extra attention from a moving company that goes the extra distance.

Office Removals in Oxford

Commercial and office removals in Oxford are a speciality of Olympia Removals. Whether you run a shop, an office-based business, an academic service or any other kind of enterprise and are planning to move, you can turn to us with confidence. Our Oxford removals service covers everything you might need to move to new commercial premises including loading and unloading on the weekend or helping you to move your computer and telephony equipment on time. We understand that office moves can be disruptive to various commercial operations. This is why our professional and fully trained moving operatives are specifically schooled in how to deliver rapid yet thought-through services.

Our office removals in Oxford are run to tight schedules and competitively priced so all of our commercial customers know they can expect great value for money. We’ll provide a service that aims to get your business up and running once again as quickly as possible. All the time, however, we’ll ensure we take great care of your office equipment and stock.

Why Choose Olympia Removals for Your Move?

At Olympia, we are not only a local removals company in Oxford but have the resources necessary for nationwide and even international moves. So, if you are moving from Oxford to another part of the country or even abroad, we’ll have the manpower, the handling expertise and the experience that counts. Not only this, but as a trustworthy Oxford removals firm, we also have a great reputation which you can see from our many satisfied clients.

We are proud to operate a comprehensive service and deal with all aspects of house removals in Oxford from start to finish. Furthermore, no job is too large or too small for us to consider taking on. Whether you reside in a one-bedroom apartment or a large detached home, we are geared up to meet your needs in full. Our trusted movers in Oxford provide exemplary services that set the standard for others to follow. In short, we are positive, professional and prompt meaning that your home or business can be moved successfully to and from any location in the city.

Please note that our Oxford removals services are always fully insured, as well. This means that in the unlikely event that something were to be damaged or someone were to be injured while your belongings are in transit that there would be sufficient cover. This is just one of the reasons why we have become such a trusted name in Oxford removals by such a wide range of customers. We know the city of Oxford well and this includes nearby places like Botley, Kennington, Horspath and Kidlington, among others. Our experience as long-distance removal specialists in Oxford means that we can accommodate moves to the city from just about anywhere even if you are currently only vague about your intended moving date or have a last-minute request for a moving company.

At Olympia Removals, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously, something we know from experience that many Oxford residents also think about. It may, therefore, come as some surprise that about 17 kilos of carbon dioxide are emitted into the atmosphere during a typical house move in the UK. Consequently, one of the key benefits you should take on board about our Oxford removals process is that our local expertise means we can cut down on needless fuel emissions.

We know when to avoid congested routes and how to plan getting from one side of the city to the other. As a result, compared to other Oxford moving companies, our use of fuel is lower. Even better, we can sort and pack your belongings in a more sustainable way, too. This helps to save you money as well as better safeguard the environment.

Oxford Local Area Guide

Oxford is perhaps best-known around the globe as one of the world’s leading centres of academic excellence. It is not just Oxford University, either because there are many high-quality schools, adult education centres and other higher education establishments, as well. As a city with such a fantastic reputation for an educated population, it is little wonder that Oxford also has numerous high-tech industries operating within it. Science and technology firms, especially those focussing on medical research, and vehicle manufacturers are both big employers in the city. There again, there are numerous publishing houses and service industries in the city. Oxford is a tourist destination in its own right and the tourism sector plays a big part in the economy of the area.

Getting to and from Oxford is quite easy. It is conveniently located for the M40 motorway while the city’s railway station provides services to Manchester, Bournemouth and London. Equally, Oxford is not so large that it cannot be explored on foot and it is certainly possible to do so by bicycle. The city is also quite green. There are dozens of nature reserves and parks in and around Oxford. Anyone moving to it from another large city, such as Birmingham or Bristol, will notice just how pleasantly verdant much of the cityscape is.

A case study for recent move in Oxford

We were contacted by a family in the Jericho neighbourhood who were looking for a solid local removals company in Oxford that could help them to relocate to Sunnymead, one of Oxford’s northernmost suburbs. The major problem this particular family faced was that their chain had only been completed at the last minute after a series of setbacks that had nothing to do with their own house sale. As such, the family needed to book a reliable moving company to help them with just a few days notice to spare. Even worse, they needed to pack up everything and be gone to their new home on a bank holiday weekend, a time that is often the most difficult to arrange house removals in Oxford or anywhere else!

At Olympia Removals, we responded immediately to discuss all of the requirements for the move. The family were living in a three-bedroom home on a terraced street. Although where they were moving to had a driveway which would undoubtedly help with unloading their possessions, there was no guaranteed on-street parking close to their current address. We priced up the job for the customer and said we’d be on standby for them if they chose to proceed. Like all good Oxford removals companies, we provided references and testimonials for similar jobs we had conducted before in the area.

Within a matter of hours, our quotation had been accepted whereupon we immediately applied to Oxford City Council for a parking bay suspension in the customer’s street. This was granted with a fee. The expenditure was well worth it though because this meant all the client’s belongings could be loaded much more easily than otherwise would have been the case. Because the van could be parked right outside their home, the time it took on moving day to load up was dramatically reduced. As such, this actually saved the customer money.

We were also asked to supply packing materials to the customer who did not have anything ready to go. Two of our moving operatives attended their home in the run-up to the move and helped with packing up personal possessions so that not everything was left to the last moment. We marked up all of the moving crates and boxes so that items could be accessed if they were to be needed prior to the move but also to make it easier for the customer to unpack when they finally arrived in their new home. Some of the trickiest things to pack were a collection of decorative plates the customer owned. Our team members took extra care with these items to ensure they were properly protected and handled with the respect they deserved.

On the day of the move, we were able to load up without any issues and to begin the onward journey to Sunnymead. However, roadworks on the A4144 meant that traffic conditions were unusually heavy. To save time, we rerouted and headed to their new home via the nearby Banbury Road instead. Upon arrival, all of the customer’s belongings were unloaded in quick time and placed into their detached property in the appropriate rooms. After the work had been completed, our delighted customer told us that they had been dreading the move, especially with two young children to take into consideration. However, we were informed that we had done an excellent job and that some of the worries the customer had been concerned about proved to be unfounded thanks to our professionalism, swift service and the ability to deal with problems before they unfolded. That’s something we can be proud of and we’d be delighted to offer you a similarly successful service when it comes to your move, too.

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